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Client Onboarding

Financial Fact Finder

All the information required for a complete financial plan.

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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Questionnaire to discover a prospect's risk tolerance score.

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Meeting Preperation

Meeting Checklist

Please be prepared to bring the following to our meeting.

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Budget Worksheet

Please complete your budget worksheet before our meeting.

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Financial Goals

Please complete the following to prioritize your financial goals.

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Useful Resources

Social Security Planning

Complete if you are wanting an assessment of your social security income.

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Student Debt Payoff Planning

Complete if you are wanting to focus on paying off your student loan debt.

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Tax Planning

Complete if you are wanting a checklist of items to assess before the end of the year.

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Estate Planning

Complete if you would like guidance on your estate planning.

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Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to fill out this satisfaction survey of your experience with Stone Point Financial.

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