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Our Process

Our Process

At Stone Point Financial, Dan Olson will help manage your wealth by establishing a risk-based, diversified approach with respect to your age, risk tolerance, size of your portfolio, and amount of years you'll need to draw income.

Services and Product Offered

Products Offered

  • Single or Joint Brokerage Account
  • Roth & Traditional IRA's
  • 401(K)s or SIMPLE IRA's for Corporations
  • 401(K) Rollovers
  • Child Educational Accounts
  • Tax-Deferred Annuity Accounts
  • CD Alternatives
  • Term, Permanent, & Group Life Insurance Policies

Services Offered

  • Full or Partial Financial Planning
    • If you are interested in having a financial plan put together for piece of mind before officially retiring, Stone Point Financial will offer a full financial plan offered through Money Guide Pro.
    • Financial plans are 1 year contracts that a billed at a flat rate and can be paid via credit card, debit card, or check draft.  Payments may be divided out over 12 months, 4 quarters, semi-annually, or in an annual payment.

Technology Offered

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